Southern Boulevard Business Improvement District

The Southern Boulevard Business Improvement District (BID) was established to fill the vital needs of this business and neighborhood community. Of primary importance is the economic growth and stability of the business community at large. To achieve this SOBOBID has in operation a number of programs and services to help attract and retain new shoppers as well as to beautify and secure the shopping district.

To help ensure that the focus of the BID reflects the input and concerns of our clients, the dominant body of the BID’s administrative board is composed of business and property owners in the community who are wholly devoted to upholding the primary mission of the BID.

Operating as a business collective the BID is better able to channel the combined resources of member merchants and businesses in achieving the defined goals and objectives of the BID. This synergistic and holistic approach helps to achieve a greater degree of success by ensuring that the primary focus of the BID is directed at projects and activities that best serve the immediate needs of the community and the members it serves. This collective and cooperative approach to economic self development is a successful business model with a record of proven results in BIDs throughout New York City and the nation.

BID Accomplishments 2014 – 2015

Southern Boulevard Business Improvement District Land Use Map

Land Use Map

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