Shop the Boulevard street bannerIn keeping with our mission to help increase shopping traffic on the boulevard, the BID will be launching a number of advertising initiatives that include but are not limited to:

The BID and several of its members cooperatively use local cable television, Cablevision to advertise shopping on Southern Boulevard. The commercials highlight specific stores in addition to the Boulevard as a whole. The ads run at times determined to be most watched by Bronx residents.

BID Website
To help shoppers locate stores in the BID this website features a database-driven directory of retailers complete with contact information, store hours and a map detailing the store location. Provision has also been made to for storeowners to feature photos and promotional copy on the site to gain added exposure.

Print Ads
To help attract new shoppers to the BID, a series of ads will be placed in the local print media promoting the unique shopping experience and incredible savings that can be enjoyed on Southern Boulevard.

Handbills and more
Handbills, leaflets and other printed matter will also be used to help promote shopping in the BID. These will be used in conjunction with special promotions and scheduled events to build retail traffic and to create a more heighten shopping experience.

The BID has worked closely with the NYC Department Sanitation to install more trash receptacles in an effort reduce street litter. The BID also uses ‘Big Belly’ solar-powered recycling garbage cans which help to maintain cleaner streets. Additionally the BID employs a number of street sweepers to patrol the streets and remove discarded litter throughout the day.

'Big Belly' solar-powered recycling garbage cans

To help deter crime and the apprehension of wrong doers in the business community, the BID is has worked with the NYPD to install and monitor video surveillance cameras at select locations along Southern Boulevard. The BID has been successful in securing additional police patrols during peak crime periods and holiday seasons.

NYPD security camera

The BID is currently undertaking steps to install and replenish tree pits along the boulevard and to power wash the pedestrian walkways. This, in addition to on-going trash removal efforts, will go a long way in attracting new shoppers and creating a more pleasant shopping experience for existing customers.

Tree pit on Southern Blvd

The BID provides support and advocacy to its members in matters related to the Department of Buildings, NYPD, Department of Small Business Services, Department of Transportation, Department of Sanitation, Environmental Control Board, and other local government entities.

Logos of NYC agencies